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  1. Shalom Tov! Do you do a traditional Hebrew service or do you go more on the lines of the christian church? I’m a Messianic Jew. So I was just wondering how your service is geared. I’m not into the Rabbinical drek or Orthodox trappings. I believe Yeshua is Adonai and He is Yah’s son. My Kids live in The area and I’m wanting them to get into a fellowship that teaches what we believe. Toda and Shalom. Mikhah

    1. Shalom! In our weekly Sabbath gatherings, we spend time in worship/praise in song, we enjoy a carry-in covenant meal (clean, according to Torah), we read and discuss portions from the Torah, prophets and writings. This assembly left the traditionalisms of non/extra scriptural practices (in both Christianity and Hebrew Roots) in 2007. All along this journey YHWH has been very kind and patient with us as we leave Babylon… Our current understanding is that Yah’s Son’s Name is Yahshua, but we are not dogmatic about spellings nor pronunciations. We trust HIM to help us sort that out as we follow HIS Instruction and Direction… Hope that helps! Blessings in Truth! rh

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