You’ve Heard it Said – Radio Broadcast

Messiah Fellowship now on the radio! Pastor Ron Hyre and Banner Kidd have revived You’ve Heard it Said, a radio program they did several years ago on WQKO radio. The new You’ve Heard it Said features a discussion into Scriptures, with Banner reading frrom the King James Authorized Version, while Pastor Ron follows up by reading the same portion of text from The Scriptures, from ISR. The discussion is centered around the true name and character of Messiah Yahshua, and His Father Yahweh, and the role of the Set Apart Spirit, and the Torah/Law of Elohim. The relevancy of Torah is central to the discussion. And that relevancy being founded in Yahshua the Living Word/Torah, whose finished work on the stake has made a way for us into the Set Apart Place.

Listen each First Day on 95.5fm and/or AM 1140 at 9am Eastern Time, or listen in real time online by clicking here and accessing the player at the radio station’s website.

You can access the archived programs, after they are broadcast on the radio by visiting our Soundcloud Podcast Page. These are available to listen to at your leisure. Please feel free to generously share these with others, and don’t hesitate to contact us if we can ever be of assistance to you in  your walk.

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