Torah-Yahshua – The Eternal Pattern

The Flesh’s Inability to Understand and Submit to Torah

Some questions have been raised that are very timely, considering what Yahweh is revealing to us from the Set Apart Scripture. First of all the argument is this; If what we believe is sound and from Scripture then no one can argue against it. And if that which we believe and declare is from the Set Apart Spirit then the scholarship of the flesh can’t answer it, as in the flesh will submit to it. It is right, on the surface, that the flesh can’t answer it and can’t rightly argue against it. But there is a rub to that. Since the flesh CANNOT submit to the Torah (Romans 8) then it will refuse to acquiesce to the Truth even though the Truth is Scripturally irrefutable. The flesh is unable to submit. It is only done when one is willing to admit that ALL men are liars and only the Word of Yahweh is true. And this only happens by taking HIM at HIS Word, doing it, and then recieving understanding. Submission – humbling one’s self must come first.

Test the Spirits – The Replacement Messiah

As for the Holy Spirit’s involvement – 1 John tells us to test the spirits. There is only one way to do that. Everything has to line up with Torah. John says anyone who cannot say that Yahshua came in the flesh is not of Yahweh. The qualifier is; who do you say that Yahshua is? If you say HE is not Elohim then you are not of Yahweh. It has been posited by one writer that Messiah is not the Ancient of Days. Elohim is the Ancient of Days. If HE is equally Elohim – and HE is – then HE is the Ancient of Days. HE was not created, HE is the Creator. John 1 and Colossians 1 are just a couple of places you will find this in Scripture. Furthermore, since HE is Elohim, the Son, who is a Torah keeping Son, submitted to HIS Father, HE could not have changed the Torah or broken Torah. If the messiah you profess came in the flesh broke Torah or set up a system that caused men to believe they can violate the commandments of Torah, then HE is not the Messiah and the one who says he is certainly is not of Yahweh. This is the replacement messiah – anti-messiah (christ).

Resisting the Rhema of the Set Apart Spirit

Stephen told those who were ready to stone him that they resisted the Set Apart Spirit just as their fathers did. They resisted the Spirit’s work – speaking rhema to them – revealing the Truth that was polar opposed to their tradition that they held to tighter than the Truth. Their resistance of the Set Apart Spirit was in their holding on to their tradition and refusing to embrace the Truth – simply taking HIM at HIS Word and doing what HE said. In doing that the resistance to the Set Apart Spirit ceases and HE is free to speak and enable – grace. Rejecting the pure milk of Torah was resisting the Set Apart Spirit and is the spirit of anti-messiah. HE is the goal and purpose of Torah and Torah is the language of the Set Apart Spirit.

Plan A – The Only Plan

The argument from the beginning has been whether man believes what the Creator said or what the enemy has suggested that appeals to the flesh – that wants to be large and in charge. We all suffer with the same malady. Every man, except Yahshua, who has entered into this world, including Adam and Eve, were created with a heart bent on lawlessness. That’s why Yahshua is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. The plan – the only plan (no plan B – only plan A) is eternal.

Faith Accesses Grace

I can’t make anyone see this. I can’t teach it to anyone. No man can. Revelation can only come by the Set Apart Spirit (1 Peter 1). A man, submitted to the Set Apart Spirit, can only present Scripture and it’s up to the individual to decide to submit to the Torah simply take HIM at HIS Word and do it. That is when the work of the Spirit’s work of grace begins. It is only by doing by faith that grace comes and revelation happens. We are saved by grace THROUGH faith – through believing. Believing in the sense it is presented in the Scripture, cannot be separated from doing. Faith without works is dead. The doer is blessed. Grace only comes through faith. Grace is the enabling to both will and do for HIS good pleasure. If you are waiting to understand the commandments before you submit to them – HIM, then you will never do them. Apart from doing them you will not understand them or HIM. HE is the Torah! Think about it! If you are born again, remember what happened. I will speak for myself. I knew I was in trouble. I was headed down a bad road and was unable to turn around. I knew I was wrong. I didn’t even know why or how, in many ways! But I heard of a Savior named Jesus. I began to look for HIM. After looking for several months HE found me. I embraced HIM, not really knowing anymore about HIM other than I had read and had been told that through HIM I could find eternal life, peace, and my life could turn around. I certainly did not understand HIM. But I took HIM at HIS Word and took the step of faith (believing and doing) and asked HIM to come in and take charge of my life. HE did and I’ve never been the same. I experienced HIM through obedience. At that moment I began to get to know HIM, eventually receiving the revelation, contained in Scripture, that His name is not Jesus (a Greek name), but His name is Yahshua. The intimate relationship with HIM has continued as I continue to know HIM by the same way – I take HIM at HIS Word and purpose to do what HE said and in so doing HE reveals more of HIMSELF to me – more of HIS character and nature. And as HE reveals and as I walk the more I am walking as HE walked. Chicken or egg, egg or chicken, which came first. We can argue that forever, but the thing I see in Scripture is that doing comes first. That is faith, and through faith grace (the divine influence on the heart with the reflection in the life) is accessed and made a reality in and through us.

Torah – The Set Apart Scriptures and The Word of Yahweh

The Truth is this and cannot be argued contextually; Torah is the Set Apart Scripture – the Word of Yahweh. The Prophets and the Writings and the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, James, and Jude simply are showing that Messiah is the reality of the shadow – the Pattern given Moshe on the mountain – while teaching and preaching a return to Torah. This is real repentance. Paul did not deviate from that. When he is read, apart from Torah, his writings become subjective to man’s wisdom. When Paul is checked against Torah, as the Bereans did, by faith in Torah, then it will be seen that Paul was a Torah observant teacher of Torah as Yahshua commanded in Matthew 5, establishing all that HE said in the giving of Torah and forevermore!

Finally, and I know most will not agree with this, but a careful study of Scripture reveals it – Torah was from the beginning. In fact, it preceded the beginning because Torah, the righteous standard of the righteous ONE, is the righteous standard for all men who would be grafted into Messiah! This has been available since creation! Torah means “Instruction.” And He is still giving His children Torah, and it will never deviate from what He gave to Moses, to write down.

The Eternal Priesthood

The priesthood preceded Sinai. The priesthood preceded the Levites and Aaron and his sons. The tabernacle preceded the temple and the Tabernacle preceded the tabernacle. Yahweh does not live in a house built by the hands of any man – not even Solomon! Moshe met the Pattern on the mountain. The Pattern is Yahshua since all the Feasts – the Sabbath included – the tabernacle, the sacrifice, the priesthood are all done according to the Pattern. That’s what Moshe (Moses) was told – to see that everything was done according to the Pattern he was shown on the mountain! The Pattern is eternal – the Pattern is Yahshua, the Lamb slain, the Pattern is Yahweh – the Name of Elohim! All of Torah points to HIM. All of Torah’s purpose and goal is Yahshua, Elohim the Son, who is the Passover Lamb of Yahweh. Since HE was slain from the foundation of the world, being the Passover Lamb, Passover then is according to the eternal pattern – Passover existed in the eternal prior to the shadow given in Exodus! Because of the eternal existence of the shadow, to see the eternal can only be done by practicing the shadow. It is the same for all of Torah!

The Eternal Pattern and The Shadow

The shadow does not replace the Pattern – Messiah. But, by observing the shadow we see clearly who the Messiah is and that is how we know HIM. It is who HE is. Apart from who HE is we CANNOT know HIM! The shadow of the tabernacle, the Aaronic priesthood, and the sacrifice, are now replaced by the Pattern, in that Yahshua has come as Great High Priest, in the Tabernacle not made with human hands, and is the Sacrifice once for all. HE entered into time and space and fulfilled the prophecy concerning HIM. But the shadow of the Feasts, Sabbath and HIS righteousness has not ceased. Studying the Torah, the instructions to build the tabernacle, the instructions for the priesthood, the Torah life of love for HIM and for one another is how we know HIM. We cannot say we love HIM while rejecting HIS commandments. We cannot say we know HIM in rejecting HIS commandments! To love HIM is to love who HE is. To know HIM is to know who HE is. You can’t say you love HIM and know HIM while not loving and practicing what HE does and did.

Messiah Yahshua perfectly obeyed Torah, obeying HIS Father, and completely fulfilling the prophecy concerning HIMSELF. HE stayed true to who HE is. And John enjoins us to “walk as HE walked!” When we walk as HE walked we will know who HE is – we will know HIM and HE will know us. AND when we stand before HIM at the end we will not hear HIM say, “I never knew you, depart from ME you who practice lawlessness.”

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