Sabbath Gathering Time Changed for Spring and Summer

As the spring time is upon us, and summer approaches, we are experiencing more daylight, which is an amazing picture of how we receive an increase of “light” as in the revelation of the Word of our Father YHWH, and direction to live and be prepared by Him for the wedding day to come. This happens as we keep His appointed times (Moedim), His Feasts and allow Messiah Yahusha, our Great High Priest, to set us in order.

Since we are now, and will be experiencing more daylight hours we will move our gathering time back to 4:30pm each Sabbath. We move to an earlier time during the fall and winter in order to give folks time to get home before nightfall.

If you would like to visit, or are interested in being a part of our family on a consistent basis, we would love to see you at 4:30pm, each Sabbath.


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